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Date 2020-03-15.16:04:37
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This is the intended behavior of these functions, and there is actually now a warning on both the utcnow and utcfromtimestamp functionsto reflect this:

I would say that the correct answer here is to stop using utcnow and utcfromtimestamp (except possibly in very limited circumstance), I have written about it here:

The preferred way to do this is `` or `datetime.fromtimestamp(ts, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc)`.

The main thing to internalize is that the result of `.timestamp()` always has a time zone, because it is an epoch time, meaning that it is the number of seconds in UTC since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z.

In Python 2, any operations on naive datetimes that required them to represent absolute times were an error, but in Python 3 that was changed and they were treated as local times. Perhaps leaving that behavior as is and having a dedicated "local time" object would have been a good idea, but there are actually some serious problems with doing it that way because it's difficult to define "local time" in such a way that it may not change over the course of an interpreter lifetime, which would cause major issues for an aware datetime (guaranteed not to change over the course of the interpreter lifetime). Treating naive times as local for operations that require localization (without changing their equality and comparison semantics, which is what would cause the problems) is a neat solution to that.

Sorry this causes confusion, perhaps in the future we can look into removing the `.utcnow()` and `.utcfromtimestamp()` functions, or renaming them to something else.

I'm going to set the status of this as wontfix because this is an intended behavior, but feel free to continue to use the ticket for discussion.

Thank you for taking the time to file an issue!
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