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Here's a further conservative list of low-hanging <Win8 bitrot in the  code itself not already mentioned that can be eliminated as a result of this change, focusing on the Python side of the code and tests; again, I can offer a PR if desired.

Python Code:
* | Win9x (!) | Check for pre-NT versions can be simplified along the lines of the check for darwin in
* multiprocesing/ | >=Win 8 | Branch can be inlined and outdated comments removed:
* | >= Vista | Branch can be inlined and else block removed:

* | Vista | Multiple tests and constants (All the checks and tests requiring registry reflection/`HAS_REFLECTION`):
* | <Vista | No-reflection Test:
* test/support/__init__ | <=Win 9x (!) | Test initialization branch can be inlined and out of date comments removed:
* | <=Win7 | Test branch:
* | <=Vista | Skipif decorator :
* test_import/ | <Vista | Skipunless decorator in test initialization:

* "Since we limit WINVER to Windows 7 anyway, it doesn't really matter which WinSDK version we use." -> can be updated to 8?
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