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Date 2020-03-02.11:01:22
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> If someone builds an interpreter with this configure flag, does it break
> compatibility with anything that code may have started to expect as of 3.7?

Yes, anything that relies on the implicit context being coroutine-safe
does not work.  The only test that expectedly breaks in the stdlib is:


Basically you can't use operators inside coroutines in the same thread
if both coroutines use a different implicit context.

You can of course replace all operators inside coroutines by the
corresponding context methods:

   # Unsafe with TLS context:
   async def foo():
       with localcontext(Context(prec=10)):
           x = Decimal(1) / 9

   # Safe, just avoid the TLS context:
   async def foo():
       c = Context(prec=10)
       x = c.divide(Decimal(1), 9)
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