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I am not too attached to "my" patch, but because I love Python I really would like us to land on a solution.

> However I want all changes and new additions to the SSL module to follow PEP 543 so I can provide a PEP 543-compatible interface in the near future (3.8 or 3.9).

Christian, I wonder: did we make progress on this front? Will the stdlib in the 3.9 release make it easy to load cert and key material from memory? 

> Mainly to not crush the will to help and contribute

Thanks Anton for your words, truly appreciated. I do not want to sound too negative, but I would like to confirm that emotionally this issue here was a bit of an unpleasant experience for me, and it certainly inhibited my intentions, energy, motivation to (try to) contribute more. Thanks, though, to all supporters here.
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