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Date 2020-02-25.07:44:09
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Based on the feedback received in GitHub here:

I made a new revision of the 'Absolute paths' chapter here:

Further feedback is welcome.


* Be more 'in your face' about Path.resolve() being the recommended
* Add separate section on Windows considerations
* Explain difference between Path.resolve() and os.path.isabs() w.r.t.
  checking for drive.
* Refer to 'mapped share' instead of 'mapped network share'.
* Explain replacement of substitute drive with final path.
* Mention os.path.abspath's upcasing of drive letter in case of
  a path missing a root.
* Mention different handling of junctions versus symlinks w.r.t.
  relative parts.

For brevity, I've kept the wording on substitute drive and handling of
junctions very short.

For the same reason I did not not include eryksun's (interesting!) info
on why mapped and substitute drives are non-canonical.

Not mentioning Path.resolve()'s behavior w.r.t. non-existing files since
that's documented in resolve() itself.
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