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Date 2020-02-11.15:42:52
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Right now, the behavior is:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> arr_0d = np.array(42)
>>> mem_0d = memoryview(arr_0d)
>>> len(mem_0d)
>>> mem_0d[0]
TypeError: invalid indexing of 0-dim memory

It seems bizarre to have this object pretend to be a sequence when you ask for its length, yet not behave like one when you actually try to use this length. I'd suggest cpython should behave like numpy here, and fail:

>>> len(arr_0d)
TypeError: len() of unsized object

Perhaps `TypeError: cannot get length of 0-dim memory` would be more appropriate as a message.


Wasn't sure how to classify this, feel free to reclassify
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