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Date 2020-02-04.16:24:49
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On Sun, Feb 2, 2020 at 3:32 PM Raymond Hettinger <> wrote:
> Random idea (not carefully thought-out):  Would it be simpler to have these objects just
> ignore their refcount by having dealloc() be a null operation or having it set the refcount
> back to a positive number).  That would let sub-interpreters share the objects without
> worrying about race-conditions on incref/decref operations.

This is pretty much one of the two approaches I have been considering. :)

Just to be clear, singletons normally won't end up with a refcount of
0, by design.  However, if there's a incref race between two
interpreters (that don't share a GIL) then you *can* end up triggering
dealloc (via Py_DECREF) and even get negative refcounts (which cause
Py_FatalError() on debug builds).  Here are some mitigations:

* (as noted above) make dealloc() for singletons a noop
* (as noted above) in dealloc() set the refcount back to some positive value
* make the initial refcount sufficiently large such that it is
unlikely to reach 0 even with races
* incref each singleton once during each interpreter initiialization
(and decref once during interp. finalization)

We would have to special-case refleak checks for singletons, to avoid
false positives.

Also note that currently extension authors (and CPython contributors)
can rely on the runtime to identify when then accidentally
incref/decref a singleton too much (or forget to do so).  So it may
make sense to do something in the "singleton dealloc()" in debug
builds to provide similar checks.

>  To make this work, the objects can register themselves as permanent, shared, objects;
> then, during shutdown, we could explicitly call a hard dealloc on those objects.

great point
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