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When windows users use "python -m venv ENV_DIR", a python virtual environment will be created in ENV_DIR. 
Powershell users use ENV_DIR\Scripts\Activate.ps1 to activate virtual environment.
In powershell, a environment variable, "$env:VIRTUAL_ENV", is set and used by many tools to determine that there is an activated venv. In bash, it is "$VIRTUAL_ENV"
In python3.8 and python3.9, $env:VIRTUAL_ENV has a redundant '/', for example:
PS C:\Users\Test> python -m venv test_venv
PS C:\Users\Test> .\test_venv\Scripts\Activate.ps1
PS C:\Users\Test> $env:VIRTUAL_ENV

using python3.7, or using virtualenv with python3.8 or 3.9, or in linux, there will be no such a '/' in the end.

This '/' matters because some tools many tools use this environment variable, for example, oh-my-posh will take "test_venv/" as virtual environment name rather than "test_venv"(Although venv's 1 itself's default prompt is correct). And from the perspective of semantics and consistency with other platform, the '/' is redundant.
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