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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-01-29.11:08:21
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I failed to reproduce the bug on 3 machines.

My x86-64 Fedora VM:

* Linux 5.5.0-0.rc6.git3.1.fc32.x86_64
* glibc-2.30.9000-31.fc32.x86_64
* gcc-10.0.1-0.5.fc32.x86_64
* utimensat() available
* I tested ext4 (/home) and tmpfs (/tmp)

ppc64le mock:

* Linux 5.4.8-200.fc31.ppc64le (kernel of the Fedora 31 host)
* glibc-2.30.9000-31.fc32.ppc64le
* gcc-10.0.1-0.5.fc32.ppc64le
* I tested ext4 (/home) and tmpfs (/tmp)

s390x devel machine:

* Linux 5.5.0-0.rc6.git3.1.fc32.s390x
* glibc-2.30.9000-31.fc32.s390x
* gcc-10.0.1-0.5.fc32.s390x
* I tested nfs4 (/home) and tmpfs (/tmp)
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