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@Aymeric Augustin

> While you're there, it would be cool to provide "connection.autocommit = True" as an API to enable autocommit, because "connection.isolation_level = None" isn't a good API at all -- it's very obscure and has nothing to do with isolation level whatsoever.

+1. We could use this new autocommit property to enable the new full transactional mode (that is to say with transactional DDL):

connection.autocommit = True  # enable the autocommit mode
connection.autocommit = False  # disable the autocommit mode (enable the full transactional mode)
connection.autocommit = None  # fallback to connection.isolation_level

To transition from the old partial transactional mode (without transactional DDL) by default to the new full transactional mode (with transactional DDL) by default, we could use the following migration strategy:

1. During the deprecation period:

- Add the new autocommit property with the value None by default, so that the old partial transactional mode is still the default.
- Add a deprecation warning for the value None of the autocommit property, in favor of the other values True and False. It will prompt users who enabled the autocommit mode with connection.isolation_level = None to use connection.autocommit = True instead, and users who disabled the autocommit mode (that is to say users who enabled the old partial transactional mode) with connection.isolation_level = DEFERRED/IMMEDIATE/EXCLUSIVE to use connection.autocommit = False instead AND add to their code the potentially missing connection.commit() calls required by the new full transactional mode for committing DDL statements.

2. After the deprecation period:

- Set the value of the autocommit property to False by default, so that the new full transactional mode becomes the new default.
- Remove the value None of the autocommit property and its deprecation warning.
- Remove the value None of the isolation_level property, so that the old partial transactional mode disappears.
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