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Author oconnor663
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Date 2020-01-23.03:52:40
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Version 0.1.3 of the official BLAKE3 repo includes some significant performance improvements:

- The x86 implementations include explicit prefetch instructions, which helps with long inputs. (commit b8c33e1)
- The C implementation now uses the same parallel parent hashing strategy that the Rust implementation uses. (commit 163f522)

When I repeat the benchmarks above with TurboBoost on, here's what I see now:

BLAKE3 Rust          2578 MB/s
BLAKE3 C (clang -O3) 2502 MB/s
BLAKE3 C (gcc -O2)   2223 MB/s
K12 C (gcc -O2)      2175 MB/s

Larry, if you have time to repeat your benchmarks with the latest C code, I'd be curious to see if you get similar results.
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