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Author aeros
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Date 2020-01-19.03:14:05
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I now have a working implementation, for both ThreadPoolExecutor and ProcessPoolExecutor. I've also ensured that the tests I added are not vulnerable to race conditions with the following:

[aeros:~/repos/aeros-cpython]$ ./python -m test test_concurrent_futures --match test_cancel_futures -j200 -v -F

Ran 4 tests in 2.865s

0:03:24 load avg: 143.25 [1018] test_concurrent_futures passed -- running: test_concurrent_futures (2 min 36 sec), test_concurrent_futures (35.8 sec)
test_cancel_futures (test.test_concurrent_futures.ProcessPoolForkProcessPoolShutdownTest) ... 0.57s ok
test_cancel_futures (test.test_concurrent_futures.ProcessPoolForkserverProcessPoolShutdownTest) ... 0.80s ok
test_cancel_futures (test.test_concurrent_futures.ProcessPoolSpawnProcessPoolShutdownTest) ... 0.53s ok
test_cancel_futures (test.test_concurrent_futures.ThreadPoolShutdownTest) ... 0.20s ok

I'll attach a PR to the issue once I finish writing the documentation and "What's New" entry.

Note: I was originally going to do this in two separate PRs, one for each executor, but it seemed to make more sense to just have it as a single cohesive PR since Executor.shutdown() shares the same documentation for both executors.
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