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Date 2020-01-10.00:52:36
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> For a struct-specific getter we usually end the prefix with an
underscore: _PyInterpreter_IsFinalizing.  Otherwise, that's the same
name I would have used. :)

Good to know, thanks!

> No worries (or hurries).  Just request a review from me when you're
ready.  Thanks again for working on this!

No problem, and thanks for your continued patience. I've been a bit additionally busy recently with the holidays and preparing for an upcoming technical interview w/ Amazon, so I didn't have time to thoroughly test my proposed fix. This would potentially be my first full-time job in the Software Engineering industry. As a result, I have a lot to prepare for.

When I get the chance to open a PR after ensuring it at least 100% fixes the failure I was targeting, I'll be sure to add you as a reviewer. 

If any deadline comes up for this, feel free to move forward with implementing any part of my suggestions (or an entirely different fix that resolves the other failures at the same time). I should have time to work on this in the near future though.

Thanks again for the guidance and patience with this! I've learned a lot about the C-API and C in general (which has been a weaker area for me) from my time spent working on the issue.
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