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Author mneerup
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Date 2020-01-03.15:32:28
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I think there is an issue with memory allocating with threading.Timer in 3.8.0/3.8.1.

When I run the attached code in Python 3.7.3 I get a memory consumption of approx. 10 MB. If I run the same code with python 3.8.0 or 3.8.1, it keeps consuming memory (several hundreds of MB). 

I've attached 3 images where I run the attached script under mprof.

By inspect of the output from tracemalloc, I can see that 
/usr/lib/python3.8/ keeps allocating memory.

I have tested this with python 3.8.0 from ubuntu 16.04 repository and python 3.8.1 from source. Both versions suffers from the memory consumption issue.
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