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Author mbussonn
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Date 2019-12-09.18:33:09
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> RECompileError, REParseError, RESyntaxError, REError, CompileError, ParseError, SyntaxError or Error, 

> Many modules [...] have an exception named just Error

RECompileError, REParseError, RESyntaxError, REError, CompileError, ParseError are all fine with me. 

SyntaxError would be super confusing IMHO.
Remember the StackTrace does not get the fully qualified name, so it would be hard to distinguish from a SyntaxError with the Python Syntax.

aifc, binhex, sunau, uu, xdrlib might be removed with PEP 594, And I find  `Error` not informative enough. It suffers from the same issues as above, as stack traces do not have the full qualified name. 

I would also add that being able to search and find all occurrences of a given exceptions is useful, and that Error is too generic.

Let me know your choice and I can rename.
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