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Author Ryan Thornton
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Date 2019-12-06.18:49:45
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## Expected Behavior

pip install should download dependencies matching the architecture of the python executable being used.

## Actual Behavior

When calling pip install from a Visual Studio command prompt configured to cross compile from x64 to x86, pip installs wheels matching the architecture of Visual Studio's cross compile target (i.e. `VSCMD_ARG_TGT_ARCH=x86`) and not the architecture of python itself (x64).

This results in a broken installation of core libraries.

## Steps to Reproduce

System Details:
Windows 10 x64
Python 3.8 x64
Visual Studio 2017 15.9.14

Environment Details:
vcvarsall.bat amd64_x86

1. "C:\Program Files\Python38\python.exe" -mvenv "test"
2. cd test\Scripts
3. pip install cffi==1.13.2

Results in the following:

> Collecting cffi
>  Using cached

## Context

I think the regression was introduced here:
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