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Date 2019-12-04.20:05:25
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Yes, moving f-strings to the grammar would be a huge change, and not just for CPython.

I discussed it at the last PyCon with the authors of various editors (for syntax highlighting) and other tools that parse python code. No one was hugely opposed to it, and I think even one person was very excited about it. But it's not a step to be taken lightly. I don't think I've discussed it with any other Python implementors outside of CPython.

My biggest concern is that it makes naive string recognition fail. For example, this would become a valid f-string:
f'{fn('some string')}'
'{fn('some string')}'
is not a valid string.

I now I think I've completely derailed this bug report. I think the action item here is for me to finish up my better error reporting.
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