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Date 2019-11-22.06:29:28
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+1 to re-exposing a way to do PEP-523.

PEP-523 added a public API, we unintentionally hid it behind the mask of Py_BUILD_CORE_MODULE in 3.8.  We shouldn't remove PEP-523's abilities without a deprecation cycle.  But given the use cases tend to be "deep" knowledge places that can adapt to API change and version checks, I think re-exposing it without the need for Py_BUILD_CORE_MODULE is reasonable.

Are you proposing this for 3.8.1?

Or is 3.8 burned for this 3.6 & 3.7 feature :sadface: (but we know how to work around it - so if our RM says it is, we'll deal) and re-exposing in some manner it only happens in 3.9?
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