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Date 2019-11-21.18:31:13
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I've put together a test along the lines of what Nick suggested, see the attached patch. Running this hits the Fatal 'remaining subinterpreters' error as expected:

   > ./Programs/_testembed test_bpo36225
--- Pass 0 ---
interp 0 <0x1A561A0>, thread state <0x1A56DD0>: id(modules) = 139707107673104
interp 1 <0x1A9D050>, thread state <0x1A87620>: id(modules) = 139707106987472
interp 2 <0x1B02210>, thread state <0x1AEC320>: id(modules) = 139706981531088
interp 0 <0x1A561A0>, thread state <0x1A56DD0>: id(modules) = 139707107673104
interp 3 <0x1B53740>, thread state <0x1AFD980>: id(modules) = 139706980408304
interp 4 <0x1BA3390>, thread state <0x1B3C7A0>: id(modules) = 139706979780944
interp 0 <0x1A561A0>, thread state <0x1A56DD0>: id(modules) = 139707107673104
Fatal Python error: PyInterpreterState_Delete: remaining subinterpreters
Python runtime state: finalizing (tstate=0x1a56dd0)


I'm happy to look a bit further into the fix for this - Eric's pointers in this thread look useful to get started. @nanjekyejoannah did you get anywhere with this?
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