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Date 2019-11-21.08:47:18
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So after trying a few different implementations, I don't think the proposal to simply change `SO_REUSEADDR` -> `SO_REUSEPORT` will work, due to Windows incompatibility (based on the results from Azure Pipelines). `SO_REUSEADDR` is supported on Windows, but not `SO_REUSEPORT`. 

So, if we essentially make the `reuse_address` parameter an alias for `reuse_port`, it will lead to some rather confusing errors for Windows users that are explicitly passing `reuse_address=True` for `create_datagram_endpoint()`. I don't think having incompatibility with Windows users is a viable option.

As a result, I will make the modifications to GH-17311 to implement Antoine's proposal. I'm not a huge fan of the user maintenance cost that it will cause for those who are currently passing `reuse_address=True` in 3.5+. But IMO, that's a lot better than leaving open a significant security vulnerability for older supported versions of Python.
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