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Date 2019-11-14.17:05:49
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I just added a PR that will produce ARM64 releases (as embeddable, nuget and Microsoft Store packages).

The only missing feature is tkinter (and everything that depends on it). For users who require that, I'd suggest grabbing the x86 installer from which works fine (apart from some minor arithmetic and process management bugs in the Windows emulation layer).

This is not saying we're going to release it just yet. Really it shouldn't be released until 3.9, as it's a new platform and we need to allow the 3rd party package ecosystem to catch up, but at least having the ability to build packages easily will enable those who are already trying to do it themselves.

Allegedly there's a lot of demand for Python on ARM64, but I haven't actually seen it other than this bug. And if that demand immediately extends to numpy or pywin32 on ARM64 then we're still a very long way from actually satisfying it.

I'll likely tweak the PR a bit more to prevent releasing ARM64 packages by default, but then I don't see any issue having it in the 3.8 and master branches for those who would be helped. Any thoughts/comments?
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