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Date 2019-11-13.23:36:38
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> > The child watchers API has to go. It's confusing, painful to use, it's not compatible with third-party event loops. It increases the API surface without providing us with enough benefits.

> +1

Also, adding to this, the child watchers are one of the least used components of asyncio's public API. So, I think the deprecation and removal cost will be fairly minimal. See the GitHub code usage (includes exact copies of Lib/asyncio/, so there's some redundancy):

MultiLoopChildWatcher: (20 results, just added in 3.8)
ThreadedChildWatcher: (77 results, default unix child watcher, rarely used explicitly)
FastChildWatcher: (4,426 results)
SafeChildWatcher: (7,007 results)
All of asyncio usage: (599,131 results)
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