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Date 2019-11-01.21:14:36
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> By the way, how popular are doctests these days?

Arguably, Sphinx has made them more popular than ever.  For me, they are essential.  And as long as doctest remains a non-deprecated module, we have to retain support.

For the record, I'm opposed to backporting this to 3.8 and 3.7.  If this PR ends-up killing our teaching workflow, we need something to fallback to.  Also, you don't want to immediately invalidate every video or written tutorial that uses IDLE for demonstrations.

> Raymond, with the current PR, this replaces the inline prompts. 
> Making it toggle-able could be very awkward. Is this a 
> deal-breaker in your opinion?

I can't tell for sure because I'm having a hard time building with Tkinter support, so I can't easily try out the PR.
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