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Helping the developer to suggest a fix introduces a minor but non-zero overhead, I would prefer to only enable it as an opt-in option. Maybe enable it using in the development mode (-X dev/PYTHONDEVMODE=1)?

> (by James Powell)

This project hooks into PyObject_GetAttr() by modifying PyObject_GetAttr() machine code, which is definitely not a portable approach.

Maybe one approach would be to add a way to install a hook to customize AttributeError exceptions?

Can this issue be implemented using sys.excepthook?


This issue is specific to AttributeError, but I vaguely recall that Yury Selivanov told me that he wanted to something but for any exception. Detect the most common mistakes and propose a solution. I don't think that he ever sent anything in public sadly.

I add Yury in the nosy list.


Here is another project which also catch NameError, AttributeError, ImportError, TypeError, ValueError, SyntaxError, MemoryError, OverflowError, OSError, RuntimeError, etc. :

It is implemented with sys.excepthook, but it is also compatible with IPython "custom exception handler" (call get_ipython().set_custom_exc()).

By the way, does IPython have a feature like this?

In short, seems to already implement this issue in the proper way, no?


Similar project for Ruby:
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