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Date 2019-10-26.03:24:54
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As I was attempting to implement the find_distributions() interface for PyOxidizer, I got confused by importlib.metadata's documentation.

The documentation for this module states:

What this means in practice is that to support finding distribution package
metadata in locations other than the file system, you should derive from
``Distribution`` and implement the ``load_metadata()`` method. Then from
your finder, return instances of this derived ``Distribution`` in the
``find_distributions()`` method.

The reference to `load_metadata()` is the only occurrence of the string `load_metadata` in the CPython and importlib_metadata code bases. I therefore believe the documentation in both CPython and the importlib_metadata standalone package are wrong because they are referring to a method that is never implemented nor called.

Looking at the documentation and source code for importlib.metadata, I'm also a bit confused about how exactly I'm supposed to implement a custom Distribution which isn't based on filesystems. For example, I see that certain APIs return Path-like objects (which I will need to implement). But it isn't clear exactly which attributes are mandated to exist! Am I expected to implement the full pathlib.Path interface or just a subset?

Regarding how find_distributions() is called, I also don't understand why the Context is optional and how Context could be used in some situations. For example, the implementation of discover() can construct Context instances with no arguments, which is then fed into find_distributions(). So I guess context=None or implies "return Distribution's for every known package?" If so, this behavior is undocumented.

I'm also not sure what Context.path is for. I /think/ it is only used for the path-based finder/distribution. But the way it is documented implies it should always exist, which doesn't seem appropriate for cases like PyOxidizer which will retrieve metadata from in-memory without filesystem I/O.

I think what I'm trying to say is that the existing documentation for importlib.metadata is not sufficient to robustly implement a custom find_distributions() + Distribution type. I would kindly request that a domain expert revise the documentation such that a 3rd party can implement a custom solution. My preferred solution would be for there to be formal interfaces in like there are for everything else in the importlib realm. (The interfaces for finders and loaders are super useful when implementing a finder/loader from scratch.)

FWIW I think I like the new metadata API and I think it is flexible enough to allow tools like PyOxidizer to do crazy things like divorce resources from the filesystem! But it is hard to say for sure since the interfaces aren't clearly defined at present.
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