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Author Caris Moses
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Date 2019-10-11.20:13:43
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I am still running into this issue. I have tested the following code with Python 3.7.4, 3.7.5rc1 , and 3.8.0rc1.

from unittest import TestCase
from unittest.mock import patch, Mock, call

class MyObject:
    def __init__(self): = 0 = 0

    def set_foo(self, value): = value

    def set_bar(self, value): = value

def do_something():
    o = MyObject()
    return 'something unrelated'

class MyObjectTest(TestCase):

    @patch('test_mock.MyObject.set_bar', autospec=True)
    @patch('test_mock.MyObject.set_foo', autospec=True)
    def test_do_something(self, mock_set_foo, mock_set_bar):
        manager = Mock()
        manager.attach_mock(mock_set_foo, 'set_foo_func')
        manager.attach_mock(mock_set_bar, 'set_bar_func')
        assert manager.mock_calls == [call.set_foo_func(3), call.set_bar_func(4)]
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