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Date 2019-10-10.18:25:51
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preexec_fn has been mentally and advisability deprecated for years. :) 
I'll mark it officially with pending deprecation in 3.9 destined to be removed in 3.11.  tracking that in its own rollup issue

As far as posix_spawn goes, I expect these kinds of between fork+exec features to be something that prevents posix_spawn from being usable.  As are many other things.  People who want to use posix_spawn will need to know that and seek to avoid those.  That's a documentation issue first and foremost.  Our existing POpen API is very old and wasn't designed to make that nice.

A new API could be made that *only* supports posix_spawn available features if you want an entrypoint that encourages the generally lower latency posix_spawn path.  (A subprocess.spawn function similar to perhaps?)  That should be taken up within its own enhancement issue.
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