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Date 2019-10-08.15:47:53
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You're right, they need either your patch or PyErr_WriteUnraisable(NULL) before returning.

Łukasz - this needs a fix in 3.8, but we don't have to necessarily change the (internal, but exposed) ABI. For 3.9, we'll fix it properly, but for 3.8 I'll let you make the call whether we can also add a return value to these functions.

-PyAPI_FUNC(void) _PyEval_SetAsyncGenFirstiter(PyObject *);
+PyAPI_FUNC(int) _PyEval_SetAsyncGenFirstiter(PyObject *);
 PyAPI_FUNC(PyObject *) _PyEval_GetAsyncGenFirstiter(void);
-PyAPI_FUNC(void) _PyEval_SetAsyncGenFinalizer(PyObject *);
+PyAPI_FUNC(int) _PyEval_SetAsyncGenFinalizer(PyObject *);
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