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From the point of view of Tk, the astral character "💻" looks like either two invisible characters "\ud83d\udcbb" or as four characters "ð\x9f\x92»" (two of them are invisible). Thus this breaks editing the physical line past the astral character. We cannot do anything with this.

It also breaks syntax highlighting up to 100 lines past the astral character. We can add a workaround for this, but I am not sure it is worth. The solution could be complex and slow down the common case. In any case it is a different issue.

File names with astral characters now are shown correctly in most cases. Astral characters are not shown in the title of the window, perhaps it is font depending.

Opening a file name with astral characters works in the command line, but it does not work via the file open dialog. This looks like a bug in Tk, we cannot workaround it (or at least the possible workaround would be ugly and partial).
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