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Date 2019-09-26.10:11:35
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msg191944 from Nick Coghlan, made me think that with all the initialization rework that appeared to be underway you want to incorporate that presented idea of basing the default onto the location of the or the pythonX.X.dll instead of the location of python/python.exe.
And as mentioned by Ronald Oussoren that would even align the methods used across the architectures to something common with a fallback to the current way that takes the path of the interpreter executable.
At least that is what the provided patch implemented in the old code structure.

And this does not even change the default for the common case where the default is plain useful. It is just changing the way how the default is determined so that the default for the case of an embedded interpreter is more meaningful.

As stated somewhere above. The you can do that with application code when setting up the embedded interpreter, but it would be nice if that just works out of the box and by that helps applications not thinking of that solution.


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