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This should be simple to do, after we can add:

            elif self._mock_methods and _new_name in self._mock_methods:
                # Methods that are not in _spec_asyncs are normal methods
                klass = MagicMock

to _get_child_mocks and test with:

    def test_normal_methods_on_class(self):
        am = AsyncMock(AsyncClass)
        self.assertIsInstance(am.async_method, AsyncMock)
        self.assertIsInstance(am.normal_method, MagicMock)

This might be starting to make _get_child_mocks too complicated, and no longer follows the default "child mocks are the same as their parent". I am not sure how to redefine _get_child_mocks without needing to double up a lot of code to support MagicMocks having AsyncMock child_mocks as well.
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