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> You can find my email in Git, and I'm on Zulip and Discourse; and I'd be happy to start or follow a thread in a forum you think appropriate.  Or if you'd rather drop it entirely, that's fine too.

I think opening a thread in to talk about deciding between the usage of functions and macros (discussing when each may be appropriate) would be beneficial to the community at large.

> The recommendation of the senior most developer is being ignored, and now two developers are speaking in terms of strong belief systems and labeling long-stable code as "evil".  This doesn't bode well and it makes it difficult to conduct reasoned discourse.  

Apologies if I added to that, I certainly respect your judgement on this issue. Pretty much everyone involved in this discussion has more experience in working with the CPython C-API than I do, you most of all (as far I'm aware). My perspective was coming from someone attempting to understand it better, and explaining how those learning the C-API might find it confusing.

I don't find the code itself to be at all "evil", just potentially confusing. That long-stable code has provided a lot of benefit over the years, and I can definitely appreciate the effort that was put into writing it.
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