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Author aeros
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Date 2019-09-20.05:03:25
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Is there a currently reliable way of accessing the GIL functions within the sub-interpreters, without causing deadlock issues? I was trying to follow the advice in the documentation (

"It is highly recommended that you don’t switch sub-interpreters between a pair of matching PyGILState_Ensure() and PyGILState_Release() calls."

But it seemed that any attempt to use any of the PyGIL* calls within ``interp_destroy()`` in a meaningful way resulted in a deadlock, even if it was done away from the sub-interpreter switching.

My next idea would be to add a conditional check to see if the current thread has ownership of the GIL, and using ``PyEval_RestoreThread()`` to acquire it if it doesn't. This would be followed by releasing the GIL with ``PyThreadState_Get()`` at the end of the function. I'll try experimenting with that idea next.
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