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Thanks Victor for linking that issue back here.

> A first change converted a macro to a static inline function. The second change converted the static inline fnuction to a macro

Not quite. The first change converted a macro `CHECK_SMALL_INT` to an equivalent sequence, including a `return` that had been hidden inside the macro:

    if (is_small_int(ival)) {
        return get_small_int((sdigit)ival);

The second change converted `is_small_int` to a macro `IS_SMALL_INT`.

The second change also changed an `assert(0)` to say `Py_UNREACHABLE()`. I don't know why it did that -- it seems quite orthogonal to the rest of the change.

> Morever, if using a static inline function is causing issues,

The change that caused the build failure you're seeing (GH-15710) was intended for bpo-38015 .  Details there; briefly, common compilers on x86_32 would emit some unsightly extra instructions with `is_small_int`, and converting it to the macro `IS_SMALL_INT` eliminated those extra instructions.

It's not clear to me if anyone benchmarked to see if the conversion to a macro had any measurable performance benefit.  There's some measurement here:
which finds no benefit.  I'm not sure if that was measuring the change in GH-15710, or if it was an attempt to replicate the findings in msg351255 (which it quotes) about a more invasive change.

So I think the short of it is that the static inline function was not causing any issue, and an easy fix for the build failure is to revert GH-15710.

Alternatively, another easy fix would be to replace just the `Py_UNREACHABLE()` introduced by GH-15710 with the original `assert(0)`.

Either way, I don't think there's any reason here to revert GH-15216.
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