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If I am not mistaken, when creating a new process on Python3.7 and later on Windows, if using a virtualenv, Python now uses a launcher. The launcher is being notified that it must create a virtual-environment Python (and not a system Python) program using the __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ environment variable, passed as part of the environment of launcher process created using in _winapi.CreateProcess

However, if I am not mistaken `env` is not passed at the right position ( These lines were part of a bugfix patch (see, solving an issue for multiprocessing-based packages. We ended trying to backport to loky (, a multiprocessing-based package) but the bug was not fixed. Passing 'env' correctly fixed the bug.

Two things:
- It is hard to provide a reproducer for this issue as it requires patching the CPython source code.
- I don't understand why env being not passed correctly does not manifest itself in the test-suite. What is even more troubling is that even with this bug, the virtualenv launcher seems to get that a virtualenv is used when creating processes in multiprocessing (at least, sys.path includes the path/to/venv/lib/python3.x/site-packages). However, I am not familiar with the virtualenv launcher for python3.7+ and windows.
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