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Date 2019-08-24.14:54:52
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I was trying to handle path to work on both '/' and '\' but when I tried to run the code like they said on:
I have no idea why the terminal on my PC doesnt have the same output like everybody was discussing at the time the questions and answers were posted.
OS: ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Intel Core i5-7500, 16GB/1TB, Intel HD Graphics 630
python version: 3.5.2
I borrowed a mac pro 2015 to check if it had the same output like my PC but it had not. my friend has python 3.7.1 installed and the output is: ['d:\\stuff\\morestuff\\furtherdown\\THEFILE.txt'] (on my PC, it is: ['d:\\stuff\\morestuff\x0curtherdown\\THEFILE.txt']). I'm totally new to Python and I'm very sorry if this issue is already reported. Thank you!
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