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Author gregory.p.smith
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Date 2019-08-20.22:41:23
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21 tests failed:
    test_asynchat test_asyncore test_docxmlrpc test_eintr test_epoll
    test_ftplib test_httplib test_imaplib
    test_multiprocessing_forkserver test_multiprocessing_spawn
    test_nntplib test_os test_poplib test_robotparser test_smtplib
    test_socket test_ssl test_support test_telnetlib
    test_urllib2_localnet test_wsgiref

This is a rollup tracking issue.  I've got an IPv6-only future buildbot host with which to run an diagnose these for fixes.  Of note there is no IPv4 localhost.

If there are larger problems I may spawn child bugs for specific issues off of this one.  (I already filed separate issues about 5 other tests that hang rather than fail)
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