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Date 2019-08-19.23:18:22
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> Any particular reason you did GetFileAttributesW(path) in the 
> non-FILE_TYPE_DISK case when we have the hFile around?

The point of getting the file attributes is to identify the root directory of the namedpipe and mailslot file systems. For example, os.listdir('//./pipe') works because we append "\\*.*" to the path.

GetFileInformationByHandle[Ex] forbids a pipe handle, for reasons that may no longer be relevant in Windows 10 (?). I remembered the restriction in the above case, but it seems I forgot about it when querying the tag. So the order of the GetFileInformationByHandleEx and GetFileType blocks actually needs to be flipped. That would be a net improvement anyway since there's no point in querying a reparse tag from a device that's not a file system (namedpipe and mailslot are 'file systems', but only at the most basic level).

I can't imagine there being a problem with querying FileBasicInfo to get the file attributes. I just checked that it works fine with "//./pipe/" and "//./mailslot/" -- at least in Windows 10. Anyway, GetFileAttributesW uses a query-only open that doesn't create a real file object or even require an IRP usually, so it's not adding much cost compared to querying FileBasicInfo using the handle.
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