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On Wed, 14 Aug 2019 at 23:13, STINNER Victor <> wrote:

> STINNER Victor <> added the comment:
> About PR 13649, I'm not sure that _PyThread_preferred_stacksize() is still
> relevant, since my change fixed test_faulthandler test_register_chain(). I
> chose my change since it's less invasive: it only impacts faulthandler, and
> it minimalizes the memory usage (especially when faulthandler is not used).

Sure - there's no reason for it to exist if you don't want to use it to fix
the issue here.

> Python/thread_pthread.h refactor changes of PR 13649 are interested. Would
> you like to extract them into a new PR which doesn't add
> _PyThread_preferred_stacksize() but just add new PLATFORM_xxx macros?

Yes, certainly.

Maybe test_faulthandler will fail tomorrow on a new platform, but I prefer
> to open a discussion once such case happens, rather than guessing how
> faulthandler can crash on an hypothetical platforms.

Well, one argument for the dynamic approach is that existing python
binaries can adjust without needing to be respun for new CPUs. I think
SIGSTKSZ is a vestage from when CPU architectures had consistently sized
register sets across models.  Its interesting to read the comment on the
IA64 definition for SIGSTKSZ:

> I'm sure that libc developers are well aware of the FPU state size and
> update SIGSTKSZ accordingly.

The current value comes from the kernel sources, and has not changed since
at the latest 2005 (with the initial git commit of the kernel), which I
think predates xsave/xrestore by some margin. I don't think its a useful
measure of anything in the real (x86) world today.

> glibc code computing xsave_state_size:
> --
> If tomorrow, it becomes too hard to choose a good default value for
> faulthandler stack size, another workaround would be to make it
> configurable, as Python lets developers choose the thread stack size:
> _thread.stack_size(size).
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