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Date 2019-08-12.19:56:49
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I am on a Conda environment with Python 3.7.4 with the corresponding
Tkinter 8.6 that came with it. I tried to use some apps I compiled with
Pyinstaller and all of them caused this crash. So I tried line by line on
the terminal (to cross out Pyinstaller as the problem) and "root = tk.Tk()"
was where it crashed for me.

Here are more people with the same issues:

As Ronald said, most certainly it is a macOS bug, but I don't think they
will bother to fix this when they are so close to their 10.15 release :/

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 8:39 PM Ned Deily <> wrote:

> Ned Deily <> added the comment:
> Can you be more specific about the source of your Pythons and Tk 8.6 and
> exactly what version it is? Tk through tkinter seems to work as expected
> (and without a crash) when I try the current pythons with their
> built-in Tk 8.6.6 or current MscPorts Pythons with their Tk 8.6.9 all
> running on the latest released 10.14.6 with Supplemental Update on a
> MacBook Pro.
> Ronald, are you able to reproduce this?
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