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I remembered this morning that we need to check test_tkk_guionly or (easier, but less obviously also all gui) test_tk either in test suite output, or run by itself with
  python -m test.test_tk  # or test -ugui test_tk
because idle it has non-gui tests that always run. From a random Azure Mac output:
  test_ttk_guionly skipped -- cannot run without OS X gui process
whereas Azure Ubuntu gives
  [201/419] test_ttk_guionly passed
and ditto for test_tk.  Also, "test_tix test_tk test_ttk_guionly" under 'tests skipped'.

The skips for the only current Mac buildbot I found,,
Matt Billenstein <> High Sierra 10.13.6,
also include "test_tix test_tk test_ttk_guionly"

Perhaps you can ask him if his machine is suitable for adding gui tests and offer to help.

Tal, when you can build on Mac, are you making framework builds?  Does test_tk run?
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