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Date 2019-08-02.20:47:27
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Sorry for the slow reply.

> immediately begin removing Python - no prompt will be displayed

This is meant to imply that no *confirmation* prompt will be displayed before uninstall starts. Documentation patches are welcome :)

> tell me something about passive

The /passive option means the user can see progress and (if appropriate), cancel the operation, but otherwise does not have to interact with it at all. This is good for semi-interactive scripts, where the user starts it and wants to see what's happening, but could also walk away and let it run to completion. With /quiet, there'd be no progress or errors (generally /passive will stop and wait if an error occurs), and without either the success page would also stop and wait.

These are fairly typical command line options for installers on Windows, and the Python installer users them in the standard way. Mostly because we haven't done anything to customize them from the installer toolkit we use :)
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