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I suggest:
 (1) turning one of the patches (probably the last BFS one?) into a PR against the github master branch (3.9) and,
 (2) if none of the existing pyperformance workloads already demonstrates the problems with the existing GIL implementation, adopt one of the benchmarks here into an additional pyperformance workload.
 (3) demonstrate pyperformance results (overall and targeted tests) before and after the change.

Simultaneously, it'd also be interesting to see someone create an alternate PR using a PyPy inspired GIL implementation as that could prove to be a lot easier to maintain.

Lets make a data driven decision here.

People lost interest in actually landing a fix to this issue in the past because it wasn't impacting their daily lives or applications (or if it was, they already adopted a workaround).  Someone being interested enough to do the work to justify it going in is all it should take to move forward.
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