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I am using get_python_lib() to copy certain data files to site-pacakges location while installation of package ibm_db. I am using this function to execute a command as well on one of the shared library @package install location.
So far, I have faced issue with this function in:
virtual env, anaconda python and with pip cache enabled. 

The source can be found at:

When I run through debugger for python build command, I can see following:
(Pdb) p data_files
[('C:\\Users\\skauser\\Anaconda\\Lib\\site-packages', ['./']), ('C:\\Users\\skauser\\Anaconda\\Lib\\site-packages', ['./CHANGES']), ('C:\\Users\\skauser\\Anaconda\\Lib\\site-packages', ['./LICENSE']), ('C:\\Users\\skauser\\Anaconda\\Lib\\site-packages', ['./'])]

However, in "python install", this folder structure is created:
C:\Users\skauser\Anaconda\Lib\site-packages\users\skauser\appdata\local\programs\python\python37\Lib and no data files are copied.

If I do : "pip install ." from source directory,
The data_files are copied under "c:\users\skauser\anaconda\lib\site-packages\users\skauser\anaconda\lib\site-packages" when the expectation is to have the files copied under "c:\users\skauser\anaconda\lib\site-packages".

Can you please look into this. 
Although this is not a serious problem for platforms other than mac, But on MAC, I am using this same function get_python_lib()to execute a system command and without this working properly, MAC users are unable to use the python ibm_db driver.

This is blocking! Please help.
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