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Oh okay, that's fair enough. I can definitely understand that assigning the current directory as the default does not provide a significant change in improved functionality, and it is not implicit that os.walk() would use the current directory as the default option. Even if this change was approved, it is likely that many would never notice a difference. After reading the criticisms, I can also understand that the value of this feature would be too niche and does not justify the maintenance. It may also lead to some unnecessary confusion. 

Thanks for the constructive feedback serhiy and taleinat. I'm quite new to making contributions to Python (only a couple of minor merged PRs) and working on open source projects in general. This was my first attempt at coming up with an original issue for Python. As a result, I'm not entirely certain as to what qualifies as being adequately valuable enough to justify creating an issue. I have some basic understanding from others that I've looked over, but it seems like it might be a bit of a trial by error process. 

Before attempting to create any more original issues, I'll work on existing issues and the suggestions of others to develop a better practical understanding of the standards. 

I'll close this issue and the pull request, but I'll be sure to read over any other responses that are made. I definitely appreciate the criticism.
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