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Date 2019-06-28.17:31:13
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"The only changes allowed to occur in a maintenance branch without debate are bug fixes. Also, a general rule for maintenance branches is that compatibility must not be broken at any point between sibling minor releases (3.5.1, 3.5.2, etc.). For both rules, only rare exceptions are accepted and must be discussed first."

The principle here is that we "promise" users that they can upgrade from any version of 3.n.x to the latest version of 3.n without needing to make any changes except in very rare cases when there is an overriding concern and which must be well-documented in the release materials.  We're human so we sometimes slip up and inadvertently break that promise but that's the goal. And it's because of that promise that we can take the approach of immediately obsoleting previous older micro releases when a new micro release occurs, i.e. we don't provide fixes for 3.7.2 once 3.7.3 is released.

So, from my perspective, pretty much *any* regression between micro releases is a release blocker but especially in a case like this where it can be addressed before a final release.  That's basically why we do release candidates :)
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