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There's also the question of complying with our own deprecation policy, as the approval to ditch tp_print API compatibility in PEP 590 relied on the fact that it has been deprecated since Python 3.0.

However, it turns out the associated programmatic deprecation had never actually been implemented, which means it is now appropriate to provide that deprecation warning belatedly in Python 3.8, and then upgrade to full removal in Python 3.9.

That way the folks building affected sdists from source will get the additional warnings to tell them "Hey, you have a looming maintainability problem to solve (and a year or two to solve it)", rather than the current situation, which is "You have a dependency management crisis *now*, and until you solve it, you can't even start testing on Python 3.8, since you won't even be able to build your dependencies, let alone install them".
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