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+1 to what Ben said.


> The proposal looks like a very dirty hack and smells as it is.

I wonder why are you feeling like that about this idea.  I don't think this is a hack at all.  There's no native API, so we're forced to use another approach.

> There is no very strong reason to apply it.

I think there's such a reason.  asyncio has a well defined API that people use and create programs dependent on it.  And then people learn that the API isn't really supported on Windows with one loop, or when it is supported, other APIs aren't.  They are then forced to either not support Windows or to rewrute their programs.  The situation further complicates if they are using third-party code.

This is a very unfortunate and weird position we put our users into.  So this indeed is a perfect example where "practicality beats purity" principle should be invoked.
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