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Date 2019-06-20.19:26:37
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Petr, Thanks for the thoughtful summary.

If I am understanding the many messages in this and the other related issue and by looking at this with a scientific Python hat on (not as the Steering Council), I'm inclined to favor Nick's approach if possible:

> 1. In 3.8.0b2, move tp_print to the end of the structure (rather than removing it entirely) to make the "type->tp_print" in the old Cython generated code harmless rather than a compilation error
>2. In 3.9.0a1, remove it entirely again

I agree that we shouldn't punish our users. IMHO Cython should get the benefit of a compromise, though not a long term guarantee, related to tp_print since Cython addresses a very real need for performance in scientific code. 

While Cython may be able to respond within the beta period, scientific projects that depend on it may lag longer as rebuilds and releases will need to happen on PyPI, conda, and conda-forge. Release versioning is critical in the science world as we depend on it for scientific research reproducibility. While we may not come up with an ideal solution for everyone, let's try to find something acceptable for Cython and the Core Python devs/users.
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