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Date 2019-06-13.06:21:29
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FWIW, I tried reproducing with 3.8 at 996e52623af3854552d41751e0c2522bc0a7e84f (the PR 14000 checkin) on both a current 10.14.5 Mojave system and on a 10.13.6 High Sierra system (the version used in the failed Azure test) and did not see any unusual failures.  I don't recall seeing a timeout like in test_concurrent_futures, at least recently!, but, if it is due to some race condition, there might be a more significant difference, like number of CPUs available, that might precipitate the failure.  I'll leave it up to you, Victor, on whether or how long to leave this issue open but I don't see that there is anything practical to do until it can be reproduced.
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